Bizu Le Petit and Bizu Le Picnique

Bizu is one of the leading European-inspired restaurants in Metro Manila, Philippines. Bizu has started to offer different services depending on the needs of their customers. They expanded to having cafes and take-outs for celebrations and gatherings. Thus, Bizu Le Petit and Bizu Le Picnique were created and executed.

My main job here was to create Bizu’s brand identity guidelines, and supporting on-brand stationeries based from the brand’s existing brand elements. I was tasked to make Bizu’s extended services to be distinct and different from each other. This branding work is one of my contributions during my project stay at brand_it consultancy.



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign


Brand Identity Manual

After the approval of the Bizu’s brand positioning and sub-brand logos that my workmates have proposed, I was then tasked to create the brand’s guidelines and manual. I was mainly in charge of the creatives in the project. The brand identity manual contains the logo’s orientation variations in horizontal and vertical, the brand tone, illustration style, and the do’s and don’ts.


Brand Stationery

The brand’s stationery and templates were also included in Bizu Le Petit and Bizu Le Picnique’s identity manual. Calling cards, merchandise, on-brand templates, sample mockups, and advertising materials for the brand were created.

Bizu Le Petit’s social media content templates.


Sample render of Bizu Le Petit’s callling card for the sub-brand’s constituents.

Sample render for Bizu Le Picnique’s food packaging tray and box.

Sample in-store poster templates for Bizu Le Picnique.


Illustration Assets

I illustrated Bizu’s famous food offerings for their Le Petit brand manual.  The illustration assets were applied on the sub-brand’s calling card template.

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