Collectors Xchange (CXE) - Phantasm and Turning Point Social Media Posters

 Collectors Xchange – CXE is an up-and-coming gallery that was initially located in Mandaluyong, Philippines, but was then transferred to Escolta and Quezon City Philippines. Phantasm and Turning Point were the two exhibits by the gallery that I was invited to make artworks for.

This project was voluntary work because I wanted to help the gallery by creating eye-catching layouts containing the details of the exhibits. It was amazing that the gallery owner just allowed me to do whatever I like with the posters as long as it was aligned with the exhibit’s theme and tone.



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Social Media Content - Phantasm (2019)

The first exhibit was called “Phantasm” because the goal of the exhibit was to create artworks that are related to grim, dreams, nightmares, and ghosts. I made the layout for the first poster look dark but with vibrant tones because the term means it is a kind of illusion and a product of fantasy. I didn’t add that many elements to it because there were a lot of participants in this exhibit.


Social Media Content - Turning Point (2020)

The second exhibit that I was to make an artwork for was called “Turning Point” because the goal of the exhibit was to create artworks that are related to coping and realization during the pandemic. I made the layout for the poster very nostalgic and vintage because I want to convey and execute that nostalgia is one of the common forms of coping. The essence of the poster was based on my personal research about the relation of nostalgia as a form of comfort during hard times. 

Idea References: Reading Material 1Reading Material 2

Embedded proof of the created posters that were posted by the gallery’s socials.

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