Furiosa Year-Ender Show 2018

Furiosa is a shoegaze production outfit based in Manila. Around November 2018, they had their first-ever year-ender show. 

My main job for this project was to illustrate and design a poster for the event. This was a commissioned work. 



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop


Poster Design and Artwork

The overall concept of this poster is the celebration of firsts; a first-year-ender show and a couple of first-timers booked in the show since at the time Furiosa has celebrated their first birthday as a shoegaze-oriented community months after this year-ender. I turned the production’s mascot, “Furiosa” as a baby here since the infant symbolizes the celebration of their first year as not only an event production but also as a brand. Displayed on the poster are the details including date, entrance, venue, and lineup.

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