Helmi Studios Illustrations

Helmi Studios is a digital agency based in Hongkong and Finland. They mainly focus on design and storytelling services for small businesses and brands.

My main job for this project was to create different scribble and stroke illustrations for Helmi Studios’ website, database, blog, and the team. The illustrations that were created are in line with Helmi Studios’ brand guidelines.



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Some of the illustrations for Helmi Studios’ team.

Team Illustrations

I did the portraits of all of the team of Helmi Studios. The illustrationsn were used by each of the team’s profile pictures on the company’s Slack account. The style of the illustrations that I created followed the brand’s guidelines and requiremennts.


The illustrations that were created are also used in the agency’s blog posts and website elements.

Sample screenshot of the illustrations inside of one of the articles inside the blog section of Helmi Studios’ website.

Website Assets and Illustration for Blog Posts

I also did most of the illustrations that are seen in Helmi Studios’ website. The blog posts inside the website also contain most of the illustrations that I’ve done for the brand.

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