The Flying Lugaw 2nd Anniversary

The Flying Lugaw celebrated their 2nd anniversary at a gig in Mow’s QC. The lineup consisted of rising acts from the underground and in the mainstream with Munimuni, Kartell’em, Calix, Meh Shua, The General Strike, and Tarsius on the bill. It was a culmination of what the blog had achieved from the very start: honest music reviews, featuring the freshest acts from the Philippines, and showcasing the most talented musicians all over the country.

This was one of the first of many posters I was commissioned to make for The Flying Lugaw.  My main job here was to create the gig poster and another layout containing the rules and precautions for the gig.



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Poster Design and Illustration

The monster lugaw in the poster was a reimagining of the vintage movie posters that were hand-painted in the previous decades. The entire poster was printed and given away at the show. They just allowed me to do whatever I like to the illustration of the poster. The primary concept of this work is a giant monster pot of lugaw terrifying its victims in the kitchen. I emphasized the monster pot in the illustration just to highlight the quirky nature of some local vintage horror movie posters (such as Pridyider – the human-eating refrigerator).


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