About the Project

The Flying Lugaw needed publication materials for their online music festival that was held on Twitch around March 25-28, Thursday to Sunday. The Flying Lugaw stage housed around 18 artists from different online music communities and it featured special 15 to 30 minute sets from both the openers and the headliners of the stage – ranging from international acts from Los Angeles, United Kingdom, to the Philippines and playing in various genres such as electronica, dream-pop, and alternative rock. The materials are illustrated in designed in both horizontal and square posters as well as the font choice was tailor fit for the name of the fest. Both of the collaterals were used by artists in the festival to further promote the stage.

Project Deliverables

  • Poster Design
  • Illustration Assets
  • Social Media Layouts

Different color variations of the created illustration for the poster.


Call for donations layout that is tailored to the event’s campaign theme.