Mechafest : The Flying Lugaw Stage

The Flying Lugaw stage housed around 18 artists from different online music communities and it featured special 15 to 30-minute sets from both the openers and the headliners of the stage – ranging from international acts from Los Angeles, United Kingdom, to the Philippines and playing in various genres such as electronica, dream-pop, and alternative rock. 

My main job for this project was to create a uniform look for the layouts which should have a mecha and techno feel. I was also in charge for the creation of the social media visual contents for the event.



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


Social Media Content

The social media content was designed and paired with illustrated designs in both horizontal and square posters. I chose a very techno-inclined font to make it a tailor-fit for the name of the fest. Both of the social media content was used by artists in the festival to further promote the stage. I also made a “call for donations” layout because most of the event proceeds went through charity.


Call for donations layout that was tailored to the event’s campaign theme.

Different color variations of the created illustration for the poster.

Illustrated Assets

I was inspired by the gritty look of black and white comics at that time. I presented the idea to the TFL team and they liked it. After the approval, I created a comic-style illustration, which was used as an element in the social media content layouts.

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