My White Card

My White Card is a mutually beneficial online platform for partners and clients through high quality, lower cost, and friendly access to Health, Wellness, and Beauty. 

My job for this project was to make a full overhaul of the previous branding of My White Card. The goal was to make the app’s branding look premium, straightforward, and comforting. 



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign


About the Approved Logo

Some elements of the logo were based on the previous branding but I was tasked to make a huge facelift of the logo. The logo was based on the combination of the letter W and the card symbol, because My White Card offers three membership tiers – Elite, Premium, and Luxury. 

We made the logo more dimensionalized, dynamic, and saturated since My White Card is a health and fitness brand that encourages their target audience to have a good lifestyle. 

Logo Study Iterations

The first iteration of the logo was based on the butterfly silhouette. The insect is a symbol of transformation and change since My White Card’s key message is about looking well, feeling well, and being well. The symbolism of the insect shows growth because of its life stage transformation from a cocoon to a beautiful creature.

The second iteration of the logo was based on a much simpler take, with the initials and card symbolism combined but with a different typeface.

Color Treatment

The brand’s main colors consist of two colors – turquoise and tangerine. The turquoise color was derived from the unsaturated tone of My White Card’s old logo. Tangerine color, or simply, the orange color, is mostly seen on health-related brands. Based on color psychology, the turquoise color signifies credibility and reliability, while the tangerine color symbolizes warmth, enthusiasm, change, health.

Type Treatment

The logo’s typeface that was initially used is Priori Sans but it was revised soon after to Brandon Grotesque, due to the client’s preference.


My White Card was one of my early brand identity projects that are related to Health and Wellness. It was very exhilarating because I used to have less confidence in my work but I was happy with the whole output of the project. Presenting several pitches to the client gave me useful experiences. I feel very honored because the client loved the deliverables that were submitted to them.


Brand Identity Manual

After the logo and treatments were approved, I was then tasked to create the brand’s guidelines and manual. The brand identity manual contains the logo’s orientation variations in horizontal and vertical, illustration style, brand tone, brand message, brand vision, and the do’s and don’ts.

On-brand Print Layouts

The brand’s print design and templates were also included in My White Card’s identity manual. Calling cards, merchandise, on-brand templates, sample mockups, and advertising materials for the brand were created.

One of the inserts for the brand’s catalog.

Images of sample social media layouts for the brand’s launch.


Some parts of the brand identity manual.


Event Design

My Wellness Access: A White Wellness Affair was the name of the launch event of My White Card. I created different promotional materials for the launch, including some mockups and guides. For the event floor design, the proposals we created was executed by the suppliers and contractors we’ve partnered with.

Event invite that was created for the launch.

One of the mockups that were created for the event.


Some photos of the influencers who attended the event during the brand launch. 

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