Pamcy - Sayaw EP Album Art

“Sayaw” is an EP by Pamcy, an electronic music producer and DJ from Manila, Philippines. My assistance for this project was to create an album art and supporting visuals for the EP. 

The client wanted to make the album art related to the disco culture of the Philippines. She sent some pegs that were vintage and retro-inspired. Her EP is published on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and Amazon Music. Physical release of her EP in cassette tape form will be produced in the future.



Project Deliverables

Softwares Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Clip Studio Paint


Supporting Visuals

I also created an alternate cover for remix version of the tracks in the EP. The alternate cover contains the elements that were extracted from the main cover. The crayon textures were added to emulate the traditional feel of illustrations created on a paper.


Packaging Design

Aside from creating the main album cover, I was tasked to put the created visuals into a ready-to-print cassette packaging layout. The layout includes the insert which contains the tracks of the EP.  The EP will be set to release on a cassette tape format in the future.


Listen now on Spotify and other music platforms.​

You can listen to her EP on Spotify or to other music platforms you prefer. It can be also downloaded or streamed through Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp

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