Step One Flip Flops

Step One was a newly launched brand by Payless Shoesource PH. The brand was launched and created by their in-house marketing team.

For this project, I created illustration designs for the locally-sourced flip flops of the brand. This is one of the projects that I’ve done as one of their in-house creatives.



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Approved Illustrated Designs

The jeepney and nipa hut designs are the illustrations that were approved by the Payless Shoesource Philippines team. 


Other Illustrated Designs

The other illustrations that I made for the flipflops were the plants, ice cream, and unicorn designs. These designs were approved too but it hasn’t been produced yet.


Screenshot of the flip flops when they got available in Payless PH’s online store.

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