Sundan Mo Ang Mga Naka-tote Bag

“Sundan Mo Ang Mga Naka-tote Bag” was my first merch release as Ellyphant. This piece was initially just a personal work that was created for fun but it gained good traction online. 

Due to the good traction, some of the people on the internet requested that the artwork should be turned into merchandise. The merchandise turned into reality and it got sold out fast the week it got released. The first batch of the tote bags were only limited to 30 pieces. I hope to release another batch of the tote bags once I finally saved up again!



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop

tao 1: saan yung gig? tao 2: sundan mo yung mga naka-tote bag “Sundan Mo Ang Mga Naka-tote Bag” i’m planning to put… Posted by ellyphant on Friday, March 15, 2019

LEFT: Social media layout about the announcement of the availability of the merch.  RIGHT: Actual photo of the preparation of the tote bags

The full artwork and the zoomed-in details of the piece.

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