Choice Cuts

Choice Cuts is a radio series curated by TFL. The 1hr to 2hr program usually hosts exclusive premieres, local ‘choice cuts’, and a mix of international tracks to cleanse the flow throughout the show. From the very first to their latest, the visual motif for Choice Cuts is apparent throughout the entire series. Their latest show celebrated their year-ender where they hand-picked their favorite songs throughout 2020. I was able to define TFL with its classic bowl with wings image in their year-ender social media content.

I spearheaded and executed the creative direction and social media content of TFL’s publication materials for their blog’s radio show program, Choice Cuts, in Manila Community Radio



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Social Media Content

I made 3 Choice Cuts social media content so far. The layouts that I created followed the branding identity and guidelines of TFL. Some layouts also announced the inclusion of premieres of interviews with Singaporean band Subsonic Eye, and a year-ender special that features the blog’s favorite Filipino tracks of 2020.

Illustration asset created for the poster of TFL’s Discord Launch and Choice Cuts #2.


Some of the static social media layouts that were created for Choice Cuts # 2 and TFL Discord Server Launch last October 4. 2020.

Social media layouts that were created for Choice Cuts # 3 and TFL Discord Server Launch last November 28, 2020. The swirly background asset was manually drawn.


LEFT: Square-sized version of the poster for Choice Cuts Year Ender last December 26, 2020. RIGHT: Illustration asset that was created for the poster.


Horizontal/rectangular layout for the Choice Cuts Year Ender.

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