TFL Discord AMAs

TFL’s Discord AMAs featured the blog’s favorite musicians in an interactive fan-to-musician encounter where the band/act sits inside a voice channel in the TFL discord server. Usually, these AMAs are intimate, where conversations mostly go over more than 2 hours,. The fans of the music acts TFL invited feel welcomed by the atmosphere. 

For the creative direction of TFL’s Ask Me Anything series, I took charge of more than half of the AMA publication materials of the blog’s bi-monthly event in their Discord server. I did the layout of each artist: Mark Redito, Diego Mapa, and Zild. 



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


Social Media Content

I was able to gauge the environment and consistently apply the act’s music on the AMA social media content, where the colors I picked compliments both the personality and the music of the artist. The following social media content follow the artist’s vision in their music, so I was also able to coordinate with the tone of their music to the AMA posters. The promotional layouts were posted through TFL’s social accounts.


Square and landscape layouts for Zild’s AMA that were posted through different online channels.


Square and landscape layouts for Mark Redito’s AMA that were posted through different online channels.


Square and landscape layouts for Diego Mapa’s AMA that were posted through different online channels.

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