The Last Order

My job here was to solidify a cohesive look, that represents a scenario of someone getting their last order. My main task was to create the whole event theme, posters, and performer announcement layouts for “The Last Order”. 

“The Last Order” served as a cheerful farewell to the old logo and brand identity of The Flying Lugaw.



Project Deliverables

Softwares and Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Illustrator, Canon 70D


Two poster variations of the event for social media posting and a layout for the artist reveal.


Sample printed mockup look of the poster that was presented to the client.


The rest of the artist reveal layouts that were posted sequentially on The Flying Lugaw’s social media sites.

Event Photography

I documented the happenings of the event by incorporating my on-the-spot multiple exposure techniques and capturing vivid and cheerful moments of the gig. Some of the photos that I took are featured in Scout Magazine’s article about the music blog.


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