Parking Buddy

Parking Buddy is a user-friendly app created for ease of finding available parking slots for people who intend to park in the Makati Central Business District.

My main job here is to create the app’s main logo, brand identity, and supporting on-brand stationeries from scratch. The goal is to make the app and logo look user-friendly and related to elements that are seen on the road. This branding work is one of my proudest achievements during my project stay at brand_it consultancy.



Project Deliverables

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator


About the Approved Logo

The logo was based on the silhouette of the car and the common elements of the letter “p” and “b” – the app’s initials. The color of the logo is derived from Make it Makati’s logo and the common colors that can be seen on the road – black and yellow.

Type and Color Treatment

Comfortaa is a rounded sans serif typeface. A rounded typeface was chosen for this logo because the circular parts of the typeface resembles as a wheel for a minimalist car icon.

Yellow and black are the common colors one can see in parking lots. These two are the colors used for parking directions and visuals. Freesia and Ebony are the specific shades of the two colors.


Some of the parts inside Parking Buddy’s Brand Identity Manual.

Brand Identity Manual

After the logo was approved, I was then tasked to create the brand’s guidelines. The brand identity manual contains the logo’s orientation variations in horizontal and vertical, the brand tone, illustration style, and the do’s and don’ts.

Brand Print Content

The brand’s print design and templates were also included in Parking Buddy’s identity manual. Calling cards, merchandise, on-brand templates, sample mockups, and advertising materials for the brand were created.


Calling card template for the brand’s constituents.

Mockup of the logo on the early iteration of the app.


The actual photo of the promotional signage of Parking Buddy around Makati Ave. in Manila, Philippines. (2020)

Sample merchandise design and initial social media post for the brand.


The app can be downloaded in Google Play and App Store.

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