Pamcy – Sayaw


I created the digital and physical album art for Pamcy’s EP called “Sayaw”. Pamcy is a Filipina electronic music producer and DJ from Manila. She wanted the album art to be retro-ish and related to the related to the disco culture of the Philippines, since the EP is very upbeat, funky, and groovy. 

I made the album art to be vibrant and dynamic because that’s what I felt when I heard the EP for the first time. This EP was also released in a cassette tape format. 




Funky and Vibrant


For the inserts in the cassette release, I made them abstract but still used the elements from the main artwork. I added scribbles and textures. The challenge with the whole artwork was to make it look nostalgic and should be a homage to the Filipino disco culture. I took some inspiration from the Sampaguita album art that Pamcy sent from their mood board.

You can listen the EP on Spotify by clicking the embed below. You can also support Pamcy through her Bandcamp or through Genjitsu Stargazing Society (where you can buy the limited physical copy)

Supporting Visuals


I also created an alternate cover for the remix version of the tracks in the EP. The alternate cover contains the elements that were extracted from the main cover. The crayon textures were added to emulate the traditional feel of illustrations created on a paper.