Summer Noise 2019

Summer Noise 2019 was a music festival organized by the music production team The Rest is Noise around May 2019 at Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City, Philippines. The headliners of the festival consisted of international bands from United States, Thailand, Australia, Singapore, and Taiwan.  

My main job for this project was to take photos for media coverage because I was invited by The Flying Lugaw to be one of their photographers during that day. I took photos from the very first band to the very last, both day and night. The photos were taken on the spot in the middle audience pit. All photos are available for viewing on The Flying Lugaw page on Facebook and their WordPress site. The photos were used for archival purposes.



Project Deliverables

Softwares and Tools Used

Adobe Lightroom, Canon EOS 70D


The photos were taken using double exposure and I got the chance to showcase more of the colors since the stage is a lot bigger and more extravagant compared to The Rest is Noise shows in the past. 

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